Suzanne Brøgger is one of the great Danish women authors. Her authorship stems from the youth rebellion, and a reflection of the life styles it contained. She had her debut with the book "Free us from love"(1973) and themes such as life, love, fiction and authenticity are recurrent subjects in her authorship, which is characterized by philosophical, spiritual and religious insights. These motives give way to a vital and original literature, moving between genres such as the essay, the autobiography and the novel. Suzanne Brøgger has also written plays and two children's books.

Suzanne Brøgger is a member of The Danish Academy and has received numerous prizes and grants, such as  PH Prisen (1975) Holbergmedaljen(1992), Drama Award , Washington D.C. for Best European Play(1992) and Søren Gyldendal Prisen(1999)