Denmark at your leisure
If you're looking for fast access to information, it's concise and to the point. If you want to immerse yourself, it's detailed and inspiring.

The new, comprehensive website is a user-friendly portal to Denmark whether you are planning a quick city break or a prolonged stay, whether visiting Denmark as a tourist or on business.

Access the travel information you need from a menu of 17 different subjects or use the GuideDanmark search option. The website is your natural companion when visiting Denmark.


Like an online magnifying glass, GuideDanmark allows you to zoom in on any given geographical location in Denmark, offering access to comprehensive information on sightseeing, accommodation and upcoming events.

Club Denmark
Many visit Denmark again and again  and who can blame them? Regular visitors can sign up for Club Denmark membership, free of charge. The advantages to membership include Visit Denmark tourist brochures of your choice and a subscription to a web-based newsletter, customised to personal interests.

Plan your route
Enter the name of any Danish town and the exact geographical location will be indicated on the map. Enter two towns and the suggested travel route will be marked out.

Enter the name of your hotel and a street map will guide you to the address. The interactive map at also offers travel route information on sightseeing and events, further facilitating your advance planning.

The market place
Log onto a favourable weekend offer, a cheap plane ticket or click your way to the ideal hotel.

At you'll find comprehensive information on any national or regional subject from city break to golf.

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