h.c. andersen 1869
In Life & Work you'll find detailed and well-documented information about the biography of Hans Christian Andersen: his family and background, the people he looked up and who surrounded him, his many journeys and last but not least, his persistent attempt to succeed as a writer and his lifelong effort to develop and secure the fame which he, due to his creative genius, was entitled to. Further you'll find the manifestations of this creativity documented by publications not only of his literary work, but also of his paper-cuts, drawings etc.

Life & Work is edited by the three research institutions The Hans Christian Andersen Center at the University of Southern Denmark, The Hans Christian Andersen Museum and The Royal Library. The comprehensive documentation is based on former and new contributions and research from the three institutions, including the publication of parts of the rich collections by and about Hans Christian Andersen, which The Hans Christian Andersen Museum and The Royal Library are in possession of. But, of course, serious contributions and net publications by others are also mentioned and referred to.

This work will towards 2005 be intensified. Due to substantial support from The HCA2005 Foundation many new projects and publications are planned, all of which will develop the facets of Hans Christian Andersens's life and contribute to the understanding of his works.