Stig Rossen is educated in London at Guildhall School of Music and Drama (1987-1990). He had his breakthrough in the early 90'es when he was hired for the choir in Les Miserables. After only three months in the choir he was offered the leading part as Jean Valjean. This part took him around the world and today he has played Valjean 1500 times in 15 different countries.

Stig Rossen has played the leading part in several musicals in Denmark, including the Danish version of Les Miserables, and he has made several records; Starry Starry Nights, The Impossible Dream, Letters of Love, Stories and more.

In 2001 Stig Rossen founded the production company Rønnow & Rossen Musical Productions with the conductor Mikkel Rønnow. Rønnow and Rossen Musical Productions is aimed at producing musicals at an international level in Denmark.

Says Stig Rossen about Hans Christian Andersen:
"Like most Danes I feel that Hans Christian Andersen forms an integral part of my conscience. And as an actor of course I have a very specific opinion about our great Danish icon. Only very few persons has had the ability like Hans Christian Andersen to move and inspire people on every side of the geographical, cultural and religious borders and age limits. It is with great humility, pride and awe that I join the international range of Hans Christian Andersen Ambassadors, who in the coming years will ensure that our Great Danish Poet will be secured as one of the most important storytellers ever."