Ib Michael was born in 1945. He is one of the most successful Danish writers. He studied indian languages and cultures at the University of Copenhagen, and had his literary debut in 1970 with the novel "En hidtil uset drøm om skibe" In the 80's and 90's the novels which made him one of the most read authors in Denmark were published - such as an autobiographical novel trilogy and the novel "Prins"(1997) which has been translated to numerous languages. He has also written three collections of poetry.

Ib Michaels many travels all over the world have been the starting point of many of his novels, in which he mixes the local and global environment is his descriptions of the relationship between the invidual person and the surrounding environment. His latest novel "Grill", dealing with the war in Iraq and the human consequences, was published in March 2005.

Ib Michael has received numerous awards and grants, such as Det Danske Akademis Store Pris(1994), Søren Gyldendal Prisen(1993) and Kritikerprisen(1991). In 1995 he was selected as the Danes? favourite author.