Born in 1957. Preben Elkjær began his soccer career in Vanløse; but as his fellow team mates he quickly moved to clubs abroad. His first contract was with the German side FC Köln follow by Lokeren in Belgium. Later he moved to Hellas Verona A.C. in Italy where he played a key part in the sensational season in 1985 where the club went on to win the Italian League title for the first time ever. '

His fame in the North-Italian club was unchallenged, and it was signafied by an incident where he manage to score a goal after losing his rigth boot in the build-up to the goal. His winner mentality didn't allow him to stop before he had scored the goal with his bootles right foot, and after this he had added further inches to his growing popularity amongst fans and fellow soccer players.

Preben Elkjær had his debut at the Danish national side i 1977, and he went on to become one of the most succesfull attackers ever on the Danish national side. His international break-through came at the European Championships in 1984, and over the following years he was considered as one of the best attckers in world soccer - especially his performances at the 1986 World Cup is one part of Danish soccer history that will always be remembered.

Preben Elkjær in the center, with fellow soccer greats Peter Schmeichel to the left and Brian Laudrup to the right in the Champion League Studio of Danish TV3