Peter Lassen is a designer, and the director and founder of the furniture company Montana Møbler. Through many years he has been the mind behind numerous new creations - not least the furniture design "Montana" with an infinite number of combination possibilities. For several years Peter Lassen and Montana Møbler have coorporated with Danish artists and made efforts to strengthen the connection between art and commerce, for instance in relation to the project "Socle du Monde" in which Peter Lassen cooperated with the artist Kirsten Pieroth. Furthermore Montana Møbler has collaborated with artists in exhibitions at the art gallery Brandts Klædefabrik.

Says Peter Lassen about his relationship to Hans Christian Andersen:
"Science is often struggling about determining to which extent one's identity is the result of heredity and environment. I have no doubt that if you make a litmus test, everyone who has experienced Hans Christian Andersen's world whether read aloud or read by themselves, it will give a very similar and recognisable result.
My relationship to Hans Christian Andersen can be read in Montana's ideas, visions and attitudes. In contrast to the idiom "the end justifies the means", our means should always lead to the goal in a pedagogical explaining way."