Born in 1957. Peter Langdal is a highly awarded theatre director and theatre manager. He is educated from The Danish National School of Theatre in 1982, and since 1992 he has been the co-director of the esteemed Betty Nansen Theatre and the co-establisher of the Edison Theatre. Peter Langdal is one of the most important theatre directors in Scandinavia, and because of his innovative thinking and practice, he is playing an important part in the development of stage art in Denmark. He has worked with modern drama and remaking of classics as well as operas and musicals. Peter Langdal has directed numerous performances at the Betty Nansen Theatre and several productions in other Danish and Scandinavian Theatres.

Since 2001 the Betty Nansen Theatre has worked on an integrational and educational project called "Players Project" and the theatre project "The Others' Thoughts", recognising the possibilities lying within theatre, for mediating between people, opinions, prejudices, cultures and experiences