Born in 1927. In 1944 Alma Adamkienë retreated with the family to Germany, and later, in 1949, emigrated to the United States of America.
Ms Alma Adamkienë studied at Eichstätt College in Germany and later at the Faculty of Philology of the Erlangen University of Bavaria. After moving to the United States, Alma Adamkienë worked as a laboratory assistant at a steel factory. Later, she took a position with an insurance company. Since 1962, for twenty-five years, she was the manager of the Tabor Farm Recreation Centre, to which she has a title.
Since 4 February 1998, when her husband through 47 years, Valdas Adamkus became President of the Republic of Lithuania, Alma Adamkienë has been actively involved in social activities, paying the prime attention to children's homes and support of orphans and disabled children.

Alma Adamkus Charity and Support Fund.
The Fund was established in March 1999. The main aim of the Fund is to support children in Lithuanian village schools, children homes and hospitals. Between 1999-2003 benefactors donated to the Fund almost 2.5 million litas as well as material contributions valued at 2.3 million litas. All the support was distributed to 35 village schools, children from needy families, the Kaunas Medical University Children's Clinics and the Vilnius Santariskës Children's Hospital.