Carmen Posadas was born in Montevideo (Uruguay), in 1953, and lived there until 1965 when she moved to Madrid with her family. She has been living in Moscow, Buenos Aires and London, where her father was ambassador.

She has published several children's books, stories and essays, and has contributed to a number of scripts for TV and film. In 1996 Carmen Posadas published her first novel "Cinco Moscas Azules" which was received as one of the most surprising and successful books of the year. The following year she published "Nada es lo que parece", for which she was acknowledged as a writer by both readers and critics. In addition she has written approximately twenty children's books, among others, "El señor viento Norte", which succeeded a prize from the Ministry of Culture for best children's book in 1984.

Her second novel, "Pequeñas Infamias", won the 1998 Planeta Prize and has been translated into sixteen languages in more than forty countries and has succeeded both audience and sale. The New York Times mentioned the novel as: "A delight that melts in your mouth; a feeling which is maintained througout the novel by an acidulated surprising plot".

While the Washington Post thought it was "A novel that everybody is in possession of, an elegant novel with a good composition, scheming characters and a very thoroughly well worked novel". En 2002 Newsweek Magazine described Carmen Posadas as one of the most remarkable latinamerican female writers of her generation.

In year 2001 she published "La Bella Otero" which at once became transformed into a film. In year 2003 she published"El Buen Sirviente", her last novel until now which has been accepted with the same acknowledgement by readers and critics as her previous works and is being tranlated into varios languages.