The HCA2005 Foundation is closing at the end of 2005. Due to this fact, the HCA2005 internet portal will also shut down. This means that last chance for submitting events for the HCA2005 calender, will be 1 December 2005.

HCA2005 is offering a special calendar service for HCA-related activities that are not directly supported by the HCA2005 Foundation but will take place in connection with the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen's bicentennial in 2005. Supported HCA2005 activities will of course also be featured in the calender.

Suggestions for calendar activities is done by e-mail and must follow these guidelines:

- The e-mail must be featured in pure text (not HTML).

- The e-mail must contain a headline.

- The e-mail must contain a short description of the event of max. 500 words.

- The e-mail must contain information on when and where the event will take place and the duration of the event.

- The e-mail must contain exact times for the event if possible.

- The e-mail must contain information on admission fees or whether the event is free.

- The e-mail must feature how and where tickets can be obtained.
- The e-mail must state whether the event may be of interest to tourists.

- The e-mail must state which language(s) the event features.

- The e-mail must state the phrase "activity calendar" in the subject line.

- The e-mail must be in English or Danish in order to be displayed in the calender at or

- The e-mail must be addressed to

NB! E-mails will not be answered upon submission and the editorial staff reserves the right not to include calendar suggestions it does not deem relevant.