Thomas Brezina was born in 1963. He is one of the most famous authors of books for children and the young in the germanspeaking area of Europe. He has millions of readers around the world, and his more than 175 works have been translated into 17 languages. Brezina also writes radio plays, movie and television scripts, musicals. Apart from this he also plays theater. He produces numerous children's events and is a very popular host on various children's tv-shows.

Thomas Brezina has received several awards, including Grosser Österreichischer Jugendpreis (1978), Steirische Leseeule (1993, 95, 97) og Das Goldene Buch (1994).He is an Honorary Citizen of Disneyland, Paris and has been a UNICEF goodwill ambassador to Austria since 1996.

Thomas Brezina's statement on becoming a HCA ambassador:
"The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen have fascinated me over the years always in various ways. As a child they agitated and engaged me. I was so happy when the ugly little duckling was turned into a swan, the test of the pea to find the real princess was a perpetual puzzle for me, the steadfast tin soldier always excited me and the little match girl was a sad story that I nonetheless never got tired of hearing.
It was as an adult then that the magic and the strong power of these stories really seized me. I re-read many stories, I saw many of them at the theatre, and many I easily remembered. Every time they gave me a strong, pleasant feeling. I knew them once again, recognised something, saw through something, received something for my life, which calmed me, made me stronger and enriched me.
The stories will continue to accompany me for a long time and I am looking forward to every new meeting."