Born in 1941. Autodidact trumpeter who started to play in 1956, and just 4 years later made it his living. As a member and later leader of the Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra and the Danish Radio Big Band he developed a personal style of playing and composing. Up through the 1980s, Palle Mikkelborg toured Europe and Japan and recorded albums with Gil Evans Big Band, George Russel Big Band, Terje Rypdal, Jan Garbarek, Gary Peacock, Dinu Saluzzi and others. He has also been part of the successful Danish jazz trio Heart to Heart along with Kenneth Knudsen and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. In recent years, he has performed with his wife, the Welsh harpist Helen Davies. In 2001, Palle Mikkelborg received the Nordic Council Music Award in Oslo.

Palle Mikkelborg on his personal relationship with Hans Christian Andersen:
Hans Christian Andersen... I never thought that I would attempt to describe my relationship to him - it's like describing 'everything'... He has, after all, always been there, as the air I breathe, the flowers on the field, as part of my language, as great music that just WAS, like life itself. In recent years - and in my humble pursuit of meaning and peace - my intense reading of the ingenious works of Hans Christian Andersen has not only pleased and enthused me, it has also inspired me to ask the deep question: "Where does this profound knowledge and insight in all aspects of human life and existence stem from?" Is the 'higher purpose' that he was chosen to wander here on earth to communicate that which is eternal - The destiny we all share no matter our race, religion, etc. That he in his ingeniousness allows us all to read our own story - our own fairytale - and become wonderfully enlightened? I choose to believe that is the case... I thank you for the honour of being appointed Hans Christian Andersen Ambassador.