Matthew G. Minami is one of Japan's most famous and cherished entertainers. He also hosts a TV program, "Matthew's Best Hit TV", which is the number-one talk show in Japan. His father was a Japanese musician and his mother an English aristocrat. He is also celebrated by youth in Japan as a cutting-edge fashion guru. His recent appearance in the movie "Lost in Translation", directed by Sophia Coppola, attracted tremendous interest.

Matthew G Minami's statement on Andersen:
"Like Andersen, I want children to nurture their creativity. Asking questions is easy, but the true challenge is seeking the truth. Being creative is to be kind to others. I believe this is one of the things Andersen wants to tell us. I would like to encourage people to nurture the world of art and culture rather than the world of business. I hope to promote this by voicing Andersen's universal message.