Masumi Okada, who is half Danish and half Japanese, is a distinguished actor in Japan. He has performed in more than 140 movies, including the world-famous movie Shogun, and has always been at the forefront of art whether in plays, movies, TV, or narration. He has played numerous roles, including leading Shakespeare parts, and has performed in the musical La Cage aux Folles, which ran for more than 400 performances. He has furthermore recently proved his talent within variety shows. 

Masumi Okada's statement on Andersen:
"To the future Andersen: Why, why, why? There were many "whys" during my childhood. And although the years have passed there are still many things I do not understand, but that makes life fascinating. The passion of asking "why" is called "curiosity". I have heard that Andersen's father read many stories to Andersen when he was a child. A book is a magical thing, and once you turn the pages, you can travel and experience many things. For example, you can fly, talk to flowers and animals, and even live under water. I am sure that Andersen's inspiration and his eternal message of "Love, Courage, Hope, and Dream" grew from his father's storytelling. Anyone who harbours the curiosity to read books is himself a potential future Andersen.