Ryoko Tsunoda is famous for her role in the long-running children's programme "NHK With Mom", which is similar to "Sesame Street". She appeared in the show between 1999 and 2003 and performed on all weekdays. Currently, she regularly performs as a "captain" in another children's programme entitled "Yume rinrin maru (Ship of Dreams)" where through song she educates the young TV audience.

Ryoko Tsunoda's statement on Andersen:
"Hans Christian Andersen and his wonderful stories have been part of my life from early childhood. On being nominated as Andersen Ambassador I once again opened books of his and felt as though I had met a long-lost friend. Most of my current work involves interacting with children. I feel strongly for my job; for being able to interact with the pure and heartfelt feelings of children and their shinning smiles. As Andersen Ambassador, I would like to voice Andersen's message of "Love, Courage, Hope, Dream, and Creativity".