Ms. Song Zuying is China's best-know female soprano of today. For nearly two decades, she has been a dedicated vocal performer in Chinese folk music, her repertoire of total nearly one thousand songs include Chinese folksongs and a number of arias, as well as many Chinese and overseas songs, her roles in Chinese Musicals "Regret for the Past", "Red Coral" and her unique interpretations of arias in Chinese operatic performances, have made her highly popular among Chinese audiences.

Her Chinese songs "Spice Sister", "Beautiful Life", "Love for my China" and "Flying Song for Mother Land" are widely known in China and among global Chinese circles.

In the eyes of Chinese audiences, Ms. Song is a true star of the Oriental Arts. Born in Hunan Wulingyuan region, a place that has come to symbolize romance and legends in Chinese history, heralded as the residence of the gods and birthplace for generations of beauties; the area is still inhibited by Chinese ethnic minority groups known for their extraordinary talents in song and dance. Song Zuying, a member of the Miao ethnicity, was one of those gifted.

In fact, Ms. Song's success in China extends to much more. Having received many years of professional training in the dance and folk songs of a number of China's ethnic groups, she graduated from the Department of Music and Dance at China's Central University of Nationalities. In 1989 she came under the tutelage of Professor Jin Tielin, the most famous vocal educator in China an the president of the China Conservatory of Music, whose teaching has resulted in his best protÈgÈ and graduate student, Song Zuying.

For many years, in various professional music contests and people's choice awards, Ms. Song received an unprecedented number of awards and honours, winning much adoration and admiration from the general community and a loyal legion of fans. In recent years, Ms. Song has traveled many times with China's arts delegations to Europe, Australia, the Americas as well as South East Asian countries to give performances and conduct exchanges with local musicians, she is a popular favorite with audiences of all nations and the overseas-Chinese.

At the 2002 World Cup concert in Korea, Ms. Song was invited to sing as a representative from China, she received enthusiastic welcomes and generous hospitality. At the same time she has attained the heights dreamed of by performers, she has actively pursued community projects and works tirelessly in philanthropy, including donations to China's most influential charity "the Hope Project".

Her numerous social responsibilities include: delegate of China's Ninth People's Congress, standing committee member of the China Youth Federation, executive committee member of the China's Women's Federation, committee member of the China Arts and Culture Federation, secretary of the China Musicians' Association.