Cultural producer
Born 1951 in Shandong Province

Wang Wen Zhang brings Chinese arts into a contemporary context. He is an advocate of the arts and an dynamic organizer of important festivals all over China.

Wang Wen Zhang is an art critic for leading Chinese magazines and daily papers, and he has published many articles on art and art management throughout the years. He is Editor-in-Chief of 30 years of Contemporary Chinese Opera and Editor-in-Chief of 200th anniversary of the Beijing Opera. He is also the author of Signs and human dialogue (2000), Tradition and cross over in culture (2000) and To respect life and Compassion (2000).

Wang Wen Zhang is a major in Chinese Literature from Shandong University combined with post-grad courses in movie theory from Chinese Movie Academy and a major in economic management from PPCC Academy.

From 1998-00 Wang Wen Zhang was director of the Art Department under Ministry of Culture. Since 2001 he has been Vice President of China Academy of Art. He is also General Secretary of China Art Song Committee and member of China Olympic Art Committee.

He is director and/or organizer of several important Chinese festivals within the arts, among them Beijing International Art Management Conference in 1988, China International Art Management Conferences #1 & 2 in 1991-1992, Highlight of Contemporary Beijing Opera Festival  in 1992,

the national campaign Hand-in-Hand to Build the Great Wall in 1998, the Chinese New Year Opera Performances in 1999, the stage arts section of the Chinese Art Festival in 2000 and the 6th Chinese Art Festival in 2002.