Born in Beijing
Hostess of children's television programs

Ju Ping graduated from Beijing Juvenile and Children's School. She writes and conducts children's programs on CCTV and holds the title of Excellent Nationwide Youth Educational Worker since 1992. Throughout the years, she has presented more than hundreds of important programs and shows including "Blue Little Silver River" and "Happy Monkey Year" which have won first prizes in National contests.

In 1984 Ju Ping was employed by CCTV as China's first full-time hostess of children's programs. From 1985 to 1995 she was hostess for the most seen nationwide program "7 Jigsaw Puzzle". In 1991 she was appointed as editor of CCTV.

This year she also organized the Ju Ping's Song Children's Concert Series in Beijing; all income was donated to the China Youth TV Encouragement Foundation. In 1993 she was recognized by China Broadcast Association as excellent youth worker and the year after she was appointed as Editor-in-Chief in CCTV, the youngest person to bear such title in CCTV.

She was producer of the "Big Windmill Series", the most famous children's program in China, which has been given the Golden Children Award and is listed as one of the ten major brands of CCTV. In 1997 she was recognized by the Chinese Government as one of the ten most outstanding young persons. In 2001-2002 she was one of the General Directors of the 8 hours' special production for the Children's Day and director of the Cross Strait Dialogues for children. In 2002 Ju Ping was appointed Vice-President of the Research Committee of the China Broadcast Association.

Ju Ping has received several awards, among them National Excellence for Specialized Program in 1986, National Award as one of the ten most loved TV Presenters in 1988, Gold Award in the category, National Broadcast TV Presenter in1991 and National Golden Microphone Award in 1995.