Lee Myung Bak is the Mayor of Seoul, South Korea. In 1992 he was elected as to become a member of the South Korean National Assembly. He is aiming at becomming the presidential candidate at the next South Korean general election in 2007. The Mayor has generelally had a successful career and is very active in the developement of the city of Seoul.

The Mayor has shown great interest in Hans Christian Andersen, and promised, that the city of Seoul, free of charge, will provide one of its finest and most prestigefull concert halls to the Danish Radio Symphonic Orchestre, when they are performing in Seoul in June of 2005.

In addition to this, the Mayor has promised, that the city-officials will help with the public relation work, and he will in general be available in the effort to create media coverage of the HCA related events of the Danish Embassy in Seoul.

To the right Lee Myung Bak at his appointment to HCA ambassador in Seoul.