Born in 1946. She has got her education at Vilnius University, as a philologist. Married to former political prisoner Vidmantas Povilionis, has 3 children. Her work experience is life related to folk music and ethno culture. As a participant and leader of numerous folklore expeditions, singer in numerous concerts of pop, jazz and folk music she is promoting ethnography in most unexpected ways.
Her personal charisma and vital engagement in many musical, theatre and opera projects with famous artists, singers, ensembles and chamber orchestras as well as her educational activities inspire young generation of Lithuanians to respect their own roots. Her foreign solo tours spread to famous festivals in USA, UK, Australia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Poland, Russia, Hungary etc.
Awarded by many different awards she is most proud of the Order of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas.

Here is what Veronika Povilionienë says about here relationship to Hans Christian Andersen:
"Andersen is the childhood of my all three children and my own. It is peace, beauty and hope. "If you will not be as children, you will not get into the kingdom of heaven". Thank you, Christian, for the childhood!"