Born in 1951. Educated at M.K.Čiurlionis Art School and Vilnius Conservatoire, has diploma of drama actor and of entertainment projects director. Professionally acts as a singer, composer, compère, scriptwriter, producer and host of TV shows. Started his career establishing revolutionary Big Beat groups in Soviet times, was singing the leading roles in the first Lithuanian Rock Opera "Velnio nuotaka" (The Devil's Bride), the musical "Ugnies Medioklė" (Hunt for Fire) and the Lithuanian production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar".
Among his major TV projects: "TV games Last Chance", "Who wins the million", entertainment program "Musical Hotel", reality shows "The Robinsons", "The Jungle".
His musical records: 5 CDs, a number of LP records. Being one of Lithuania's most beloved and respected artists he runs numerous concerts homeland and abroad. Besides all prestigious music awards he is the owner of Officer's Cross of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas.
Most of the songs of his album "Teisingos dainos" (Correct Songs) that was announced golden have become folk.

Here is what Vytautas Kernagis says about his relationship to Hans Christian Andersen:
"When (and if) you're angry - read Andersen.
When (and if) you're sad - read Andersen.
When (and if) you feel you've already grown up - read Andersen.
When everything is going maddeningly wrong for you (or going maddeningly very well) - read Andersen. He's worth it.
Andersen - he's a holiday that's always with you!"