Born in 1964 in Zagreb. Vinko Bresan holds a degree in philosophy and literature as well as cinematography and TV media. He has received numerous awards for his films including his short film Our Stock Market, which was awarded at the 34th Westdeutsche Kurtzfilmtage Oberhausen in 1998, and his documentary Lunch for All, which was awarded the title Best Documentary at the Croatian Film Awards in 1994. In early 2004, his third film Witnesses achieved international recognition when it was awarded the Jury's Peace Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival. No matter his artistic approach, all Bresan?s films convey masterly storytelling. 

Vinko Bresan on his personal relationship with Hans Christian Andersen:
Many people's lives, mine included, have been influenced by the stories they keep returning to. This is why it is a great honour for me to be appointed Hans Christian Andersen's Ambassador. You see, the story to which I keep returning is the story about «The Little Match Girl».

Andersen has seen and described it all in this short fairytale: the horrors of domestic violence, the abuses of child labour, the tragedy and injustice of poverty. I bow deeply to him: he speaks to us, here and now. He tells us not to allow even a single child to think that quitting life, however tragic it might be, can ever be a happy ending for him or her.

That's what makes me believe that we all can, and must, light our own matches, just like a little heroine in Andersen's great story.