Born 2 August 1942 in Lima, Peru, but moved with her family to Chile at the age of 3. Isabel Allende is a reporter by profession and worked at different magazines and newspapers in Chile until the military coup in 1973 where her uncle, Chilean president Salvador Allende, was overthrown by General Pinochet. She then fled into exile in Venezuela with her husband and children.

She published her first novel, The House of Spirits, in 1982, which marked the beginning of her illustrious career as a writer, which since has fostered great literary works such as Love and Shadows, Eva Luna, Paula and The Daughter of Fortune. Her most recent book My Invented Country has just been published.

Her style of writing is both influenced by historical and cultural events and inspired by feminism and political fiction.

Apart from her writing career, she is responsible for The Isabel Allende Foundation founded in honour of her daughter Paula, who died in 1992. The aim of the foundation is to support organisations that seek to improve education, healthcare and to provide shelter to families and women in need.