A historic foundation
The Bikuben Foundation is a historic Danish foundation that continually tries to adapt its activities to meet changing social needs and operates within many different areas. The groundwork was laid in 1857, when Sparekassen Bikuben first saw the light of day, but it was not until the 1980s that the foundation seriously began its distribution activities. 

Through the years, the foundation has backed thousands of small and larger undertakings across the whole land and has committed itself to a broad range of socially- and culturally-oriented projects, as well as projects aimed at children and young people. 

The Bikuben Foundation often takes the initiative and commits itself beyond financial contributions, which is quite unusual for a foundation.  For example, the Reumert Prize for theater, the Danish Museum Prize, the Bikuben Paper Museum in Silkeborg, the projects Stop Violence and Harassment in Schools, student housing in Copenhagen, Odense, Århus and Aalborg and ensuring the Danish Royal Opera's production of the Danish opera Antichrist and the Ring of the Nibelungen for the years 2000 - 2006.

Collaborative partner
The Bikuben Foundation's agreement with the Danish state, the Municipality of Odense, the County of Funen and Hans Christian Andersen 2005 to be the exclusive collaborative partner in the national and international celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen marks the single greatest cultural agreement in European history.

The Hans Christian Andersen jubilee will mark a historic event of extraordinary significance and, with its commitment to Hans Christian Andersen 2005, the Bikuben Foundation wants to make a difference.  It wants to help increase the understanding and familiarity of Hans Christian Andersens wonderful writings, which consist of fairy tales, travelogues, autobiography, drama and poetry, as well as his life and deeds.

At the same time, it is the Bikuben Foundation's intention to help create optimum conditions for cultural growth that will bring Hans Christian Andersen into the 21st century, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the authors unique tales.  The many innovative projects that involve new media and art forms will signify a new way of thinking in relation to traditional treatments of Hans Christian Andersen.

Best conditions
Moreover, one incentive for the Bikuben Foundation's collaborative agreement has been that Hans Christian Andersen 2005 will be a festival operating in all areas of culture, dance, music, theater, literature, multimedia and more. 

Just as the celebration will embrace projects that reach out to young and old alike. The Bikuben Foundation quite simply wants to be a part of the celebration of an artist, a poet and a human being, who is more modern than ever and who can speak to the world today more urgently than most.

It is the overall goal of the Bikuben Foundation to help provide the best conditions to promote culture on its own terms.  Culture is an important incentive to a healthy development in society and, by focusing on our cultural roots, the Bikuben Foundation will create fertile soil for a creative and exciting future.  Therefore, many of the projects that the Bikuben Foundation is planning in cooperation with Hans Christian Andersen 2005 plans will stretch out far beyond 2005.

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