OM ANDERSEN The traveller 1840-3

Hans Christian Andersen always felt that travelling was life at its best. Dr. phil. Elias Bredsdorff takes us on two of his journeys.

H.C. Andersen journey to Italy and the Balkans resulted in the travel book A poet's bazaar (1842) which shows how much he was inspired by the exotic impressions.
H.C. Andersens special talent for making contact with the best writers and artists of his time showed especially during his journey to Paris in 1843. This however also intensified the contrast he felt between the respect he recieved abroad and in "the parish pump" (Denmark), and it becomes a theme in several of his fairy-tales: The Sandman, The Nightingale, The Swineherd and The Ugly Duckling.

Bibliografical info:
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