With X-treme Racers, you're on the track to the most sensational action experience in LEGOLAND. It's new and it's fast - just what every real speed demon wants. Jump into the roller coaster if you're ready for a truly thrilling turbo-force ride. It's up, down and around in hair-raising twists and turns...can you really make it through the dark tunnel? This is what acceleration is all about - full speed ahead with deep, deep downhill dives. This is wild! This is X-treme! Are you ready for the countdown???

Experience the LEGOLAND racetrack where anyone can drive. Two of the cars can be activated by remote control panels, and when the cars race into the tunnel, the drivers are followed on the screen until they emerge again, and are returned to the finish line.

The entire area is a genuine "racer land" of buildings, busses, trucks, tents, mechanics and much, much more. There's even a travelling funfair site, and a drag strip with cars just waiting to be driven. Both types of cars are available in the LEGO Racers building series. Check out the calendar for news on upcoming events.

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Dyrehavsbakken = Bakken
With its approx. 100 funrides and booths - 35 restaurants and other eating places and its unique location in the large Deerpark north of Copenhagen the world's oldest amusement park offers entertainment and fun for the whole family.

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