Although Denmark has the world's oldest monarchy, it is still pretty impressive to find some 600 castles and manor houses in such a small country. It isn't all that long ago that the high walls and wrought-iron gates prevented public access to these marvellous estates.

Fortunately, times have changed and more and more castles and manor houses have opened their doors to visitors, or even offer accommodation. Many places do not give access to the castle or manor itself, but you will be welcome to enjoy a walk in the adjoining gardens or park. Guide Denmark provides information about around 200 of Denmark's castles, manor houses and palaces.

You are welcome at the castles
The Association of Danish Castles & Manor Houses promotes the Danish castles and manor houses affiliated to the association, whether the members offer accommodation or are open to the public on a basis of architectural, cultural or scenic qualities.

The association promotes art, nature and music activities which take place in the castles and manor houses, all carried out in a spirit of affection and respect for the present owner and his or her forefathers, while at the same time contributing to the preservation of our shared cultural heritage, not just for the sake of present days, but for that of future generations.

The following castles are open to visitors:
Amalienborg Slot, Christiansborg Slot, Rosenborg Slotshave, Frederiksberg Slotshave, Charlottenlund Slotshave, Bernstorff Slotshave, Sorgenfri Slotshave, Frederiksborg Slotshave, Fredensborg Slot og Slotshave, Kronborg Slot, Aalholm Automobil Museum, Holckenhavn, Gråsten Slotshave, Højriis Slot og Gods, Aggersborggård, Clausholm Slot, Sæbygaard Herregårdsmuseum, Museet på Sønderskov Hovedgård, Staarup Hovedgaard, Spøttrup Borgmuseum, Rosenholm Slot, Voergård Slot, Harridslevgaard, Krengerup, Knuthenborg, Ledreborg Slot og Lerchenborg, Egeskov, Grimmerhus, Brundland Slot, Gl. Estrup, Jyllands Herregårdsmuseum, Børglum Kloster, Bangsbo.

The following members offer accommodation, also through the Association:
Schackenborg Slotskro, Dragsholm Slot, Hvidkilde Slot, Gl. Vraa Slot, Hindsgavl Slot, Skarrildhus, Broholm, Lykkesholm Slot, Nedergaard Herregårdspension, Hegnsholt Bed & Breakfast, Nørre Wosborg, Dronninglund Slot, Steensgaard Herregårdspension, Merløsegaard Bed & Breakfast, Skjoldenæsholm Hotel og Golfcenter, Vitskøl Kloster, Kragerup Gods, Fuglsang, Gl.Avernæs, Sonnerupgaard Gods, Fredensborg Store Kro, Rysensteen.

Danske Slotte og Herregårde
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