Water worlds and parks are a fairly new concept in Denmark. At present, several subtropical water worlds have been constructed with or without accommodation facilities available, and aqua parks are added to already existing activity parks, amusement parks and campingsites.

The subtropical water worlds are in-door installations with several kinds of swimming pools, water chutes, whirlpools, solarium, restaurants, and bars.
Aqua parks are all out-of-doors with several swimming pools and water chutes. Typically, the admission to these aqua parks is covered by the entrance fee already paid.

Whe-hey! Up, up and away! This is the place to search if it's been too long since you last felt that rush. If there's one thing we really know how to do well in Denmark - it's amusement parks. Not megaparks where you end up trudging around for hours to get to the next amusement.

No Sir! We mean the kind of friendly parks where you don't feel overwhelmed, but get maximum fun for all the family. This could be our famous Dyrehavsbakken, near Copenhagen, which happens to be the world's oldest amusement park, but could also be crazy golf here and there in the country.

Denmark has more 35 amusement parks which roughly can be divided into the following categories:

- Activity Parks
- Tivolis
- Aqua Parks or Water Worlds
- Other amusement parks

The activity parks are well-established in Denmark and offer activities for the entire family as well as a number of entertainments.

Aqua domes and parks are recent phenomena. The water worlds are in-door installations with subtropical climate, and the parks are out-of-doors installations, subject to the Danish wheather in the summer.

Amusement parks and adjoining aqua parks are generally open daily during the period April/May to August/September, some are open until after the Danish school autumn holiday, either during weekends or the week of the autumn holiday (week 42). The subtropical water worlds are generally open daily throughout the year. Opening hours of Amusement parks: 9:30/10 a.m.-5/8 p.m. Tivolis: 11/14 a.m.-9 p.m./midnight