Denmark has some of Europe's finest fishing waters, and with its 7,300km coastline there is plenty of room for you and your fishing rod. Angling is free for under 18s and over 65s, but for anyone else a fishing permit is compulsory.

There are put & take lakes all over the country and at many locations you can even board a cutter and test your staying power with some authentic seafishing. For angling holidays Denmark is your oyster, but it's handy to know that all 3-star camping sites in Denmark have special tables for cleaning fish!

Sea Fishing
In many Danish harbours fishing boats will take anglers out to sea for a reasonable charge. Large groups can charter a boat for themselves. Sea fishing tours are arranged throughout the year from for instance Copenhagen, Elsinore, Korsør, and Frederikshavn.
In other harbours, tours are only arranged during the summer months. A fishing licence is required for this type of fishing. Local tourist offices in Denmark provide list of addresses, etc.

A fishing lincense is obligatory when fishing in natural waters in and around Denmark. The license is valid for one year and costs DKK 100. The license is obtained from the Danish post offices.

For tourists, a license valid for one day or one week can be obtained at DKK 25 (day) and DKK 75 (week). In addition to the post offices, licenses can be obtained from local tourist offices, and tackle-shops of some size.

Lake fishing
Fishing rights in natural lakes and streams are nearly always private, but are often let to local angling societies which issue day or week cards. In addition to the above-mentioned obligatory fishing license, rates are approx. DKK 40-150 for a day card, and DKK 100-350 for a week card.

At many places, a boat can be rented with fishing rights included. In many cases, the cards are available from the local tourist office which can also offer help and give detailed advise on freshwater fishing in the area.

The angler is obliged to seek information himself on fishing restrictions and close seasons. Information and addresses of angling societies are obtainable from:

Contact: Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund:
Tel. 75 82 06 99
e-mail: postsportsfiskerforbundet.dk

Rent a boat
You don't even have to own your own boat to explore the Danish waters, as boats can be chartered for short or long trips as required. If you are no sailor, you can even order a boat complete with skipper and crew! You can charter all types of craft, such as sailboats, motor boats and schooners. However, as a rule you will be required to prove that you are an experienced sailor before being allowed to take them out on the water.

Or a horse
Riding is a very popular activity in Denmark so there are plenty of riding schools. Here you can hire a horse or pony and ride out into the countryside - with or without an escort. The prices depend on whether riding is on ponies or horses and whether instruction is included with the hire.

There are riding schools almost everywhere in Denmark where one can hire horses. Hire per hour vary between DKK 70-200 depending on size of horse and whether tuition is included or not. Hire per day costs approx. DKK 200-600.

Beaches and Bathing
For many people, a seaside holiday is the ultimate summer holiday. Water, loads of space, fresh air and great beaches - Denmark has it all on its more than 7,300 km-long coastline. There are beaches for those who prefer solitude and beaches for those who like to make a party of it.

Denmark is famous for its long and wide beaches with their soft, fine sand and deep sand dunes for shade and shelter. Denmark's effective environmental planning has ensured that bathers can enjoy some of Europe's cleanest waters.

The most impressive beaches are on the west coast of Jutland from Skagen in the north to Rømø in the south. The North Sea provides a constantly changing setting - breakers one minute and as calm as a millpond the next. 

Beaches at the capital
Copenhagen has plenty of beaches suitable for bathing just north and south of the city. To the north, Charlottenlund Strandbad and Bellevue Strand shimmer with life on hot days and 10 km south of the city, Køge Bugt Strandpark is a large recreation area on a 7 km stretch of sandy beach.

Latest bathing possibility right in the middle of Copenhagen, is the bathing platform situated at Islands Brygge at the foot of Langebro, across the Merriott Hotel. Here bathing is permitted when the green flag flies over the life guard tower.

Bathing is banned at only a few places on the Danish coast, e.g. in harbours and places with strong currents. Sea or beach pollution can also warrant temporary bathing bans, and notices are then clearly displayed.

The joys of the seaside are not only associated with hot summer days. The constantly changing sea and light are magnificent in spring, autumn and winter, too. Bracing walks along the coast and cosy evenings by the fire help relax and revitalise tired spirits. Holiday homes and centres, and hotels are equipped for year-round use and prices are very reasonable outside peak seasons.