In Denmark the golfing season is so long that you can shout "fore!" and swing the club to your heart's content all year round. The climate is ideal and the gently rolling landscape almost seems designed with golf in mind.

There are more than 100 courses across the country to choose from. Guests are usually welcome and the green-fees are reasonable, but you are required to provide proof of both your handicap and club membership at home.

If you have any special requirements, you can run an advanced search in Guide Denmark, and search on the number of holes, location, equipment hire, accommodation options, handicap restrictions and the type of course.

Denmark perfect for golf
The gently rolling Danish countryside is ideal for golf courses and 136 of them are spread across the entire country, very often near a town in beautiful recreational areas. This is important if only one member of the family is a golf player, then the rest of the family can have an active or relaxing time on the beach or in the countryside.

Danish golf courses vary, but all are of good standard, with ample space. The courses near the big cities are very popular during weekends and holidays, so you may experience some delay in playing. Foreign visitors are welcome at Danish golf clubs, the only requirement is that you have a valid membership card from the Danish Golf Union.

Green fees are reasonable: weekdays approx. DKK 180, weekends approx. DKK 300. Some clubs operate with handicap limits. It is always advisable to contact the trainer or office of the club in question.

Facilities and Equipment
Most Danish golf clubs have well-equipped clubhouses with changing rooms and showers, common room and pro-shop. Many also have a restaurant or cafeteria of its own. Some place kitchen facitities at the disposal of the players. Remember to bring an umbrealla and waterproof clothes to make sure that the rain does not stop the activities on the course.

The golf season is long in Denmark, and you can often play at any time of the year. Generally speaking, winter greens are only open during the period November - April.

Contact: Dansk Golf Union Tel: 43 26 27 00