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A Poet in Time (1999) contains papers from the second international Hans Christian Andersen conference. The conference was held by the Hans Christian Andersen Center at the University of Southern Denmark in 1996. The book is edited by Johan de Mylius, Aage Jørgensen and Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen.

Chapters: Plenary lecturesBiography, Affinities and Influences - Cultural History and Reception - Language, Style, Translation - Genre, Poetics, Art - Interpretation, analysis, text


Plenary lectures

Intentional and Non-Intentional Topicalities in Andersen's Tales
Elias Bredsdorff

Our Own Twenty Plus Fifteen Favourite Tales
Erik Dal

The Phoenix Principle. Some Remarks on H. C. Andersen's Poetological Writings
Heinrich Detering

Stylistics and Poetics in Some Andersen Tales
Annelies van Hees

Andersen in Time and Place - Time and Place in Andersen
Poul Houe

Hans Christian Andersen. On the Wave of Liberalism
Johan de Mylius


Biography, Affinities and Influences

Pontoppidan's "Rewritings" of H. C. Andersen
Jacob Bøggild

Hans Christian Andersen as a Religious Fastboiler in Per Olov Enquist
Erik M. Christensen

H. C. Andersen and Ion Creangã - Two National StoryTellers
Anca Dumitrescu

The Ideas and Ideals of H. C. Andersen in the Baltic Literatures
Silvestras Gaiziunas

H. C. Andersen's Educational Roots Through His Own Eyes
Kristi Planck Johnson

Count Lucanor by Don Juan Manuel as Inspiration for Hans Christian Andersen and Other European Writers
Annette Madsen

My Dearly Beloved Grand Duke ...
Ivy York Möller-Christensen

Henrik Hertz and Hans Christian Andersen
Niels Oxenvad

Hans Christian Andersen and Switzerland
Gisela Perlet


Cultural History and Reception

The Author at the Museum
Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen's Writer's Manifesto In Sweden - Andersen and Science
Ljudmilla Braude

Holger Danske as Literary Danish Identity in the Work of H. C. Andersen and B. S. Ingemann
Trevor Elkington

Andersen, Moral Values and the Children's Ideas for Good
Jordanka Fakirska

Andersen and Those of Other Faiths
W. Glyn Jones

Heroes in Hans Christian Andersen's Writings
Aage Jørgensen

Arctic Elements in the Writings of Hans Christian Andersen
Inge Kleivan

H. C. Andersen Watching Art
Inge Lise Rasmussen

Andersen in Bulgarian Pre-School Education Strategies
Elena Roussinova

What Latvian Children Like in H. C. Andersen's Fairy-Tales
Baiba Tormane


Language, Style, Translation

The Translations of H. C. Andersen into Latvian and Lithuanian Languages (Comparative Aspects)
Arunas Bliudzius

H. C. Andersen's Style as Features of Variation, Complexity and Contextual Stylistic Regularity. A Preliminary Approach
Hans Götzsche

On "The Emperor's New Clothes"
Hans Holmberg

The Language H. C. Andersen Used in His Early Fairy Tales, Projected Aspects of Culture, Drama, Imaginative Pictures
Eric Jones

A Selection of H. C. Andersen's Letters and Diaries in a Dutch Edition
Edith Koenders

Cultural Differences and Japanese Translations of "Keiserens nye Klæder"
Keisuke Masuda

Elements of Orality in the Fairy Tales of H. C. Andersen
Manfred Menzel

Hans Christian Andersen Remade in Japan: Mori Ogai's Translation of Improvisatoren
Yoichi Nagashima

H. C. Andersen's Fairy Tales in Translation: Prepositions and 'Small Words'1
Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen


Genre, Poetics, Art

Hans Christian Andersen and the Image
Mogens Davidsen

Contrastive Values in Hans Christian Andersen's Fantastic Stories
Maria Sabina Draga-Alexandru

"I Do Not Understand Anything," Andersen Said
Niels Ingwersen

The Arabesque and the Grotesque - Hans Christian Andersen Decomposing the World of Poetry
Niels Kofoed

En Landsbyhistorie - Andersen's Forgotten Success Play
Hans Kuhn

Hans Christian Andersen - An Untimely Journalist
Erik Svendsen


Interpretation, analysis, text

The Feminine Element - And a Little About the Masculine Element in H. C. Andersen's Fairy Tales
Lise Præstgaard Andersen

The Euphoria of the Text - on the Market, on Man, and on Melody, i.e.: Poetry
Finn Barlby

The Ironic Inevitability of Death - Hans Christian Andersen's LykkePeer
Frank Hugus

The Demons of the Text
Ib Johansen

The Miracle and A Miracle in the Life of a Mermaid
James Massengale