In this Hans Christian Andersen Gallery you may experience many fine examples of the writer's world of imagination as is to be found in the collections of The Royal Library in Copenhagen and in The Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense.

Hans Christian Andersen's writings are - as is well known - full of pictures. Nobody can read about the dogs in "The Tinderbox" or about the Snowqueen's castle without making their own clear mental images.

The paper cut sun,
Hans Christian Andersen Museum
But Andersen also created many "real" two-dimensional pictures: drawings, paper cuts, collages, and picturebooks. Of course, he also had his portrait made on several occasions - especially after the invention of photograhy in the 1840's. Hans Christian Andersen made drawings first of all to assist his memory of travels in Denmark and abroad, while the paper cuts were more the results of his own imaginative phantasy. Thus he made his very and highly original figures and patterns.
Lithography from photo 1853

In the Hans Christian Andersen Gallery you'll find a great many examples of the rich world of images of the poet, taken from the collections of The Hans Christian Andersen Museum and The Royal Library.


Pattern with men and swans,
The Royal Library

Drawings from Italy
1833-34, Hans Christian Andersen Museum