Anderseniana is a publication that primarily consists of articles which render new research on the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen. In addition it has put in print unpublished works by Andersen. Over the years it has amounted to many contributions, each of which has taken part in throwing light on different facets of the poet and the man - Hans Christian Andersen.

Anderseniana appeared for the first time in 1933 as the result of a cooperation between the Hans Christian Andersen Museum (editing) and the association "The Hans Christian Andersen Society" (publishing). Anderseniana has since then been a yearly phenomenon. In 1955 the museum took over the publishing of Anderseniana - from then on the publication functioned as the museum annual.

Odense City Museums will be very pleased to recieve articles for Anderseniana: Please mail potential contributions to curator and head of the Andersen/Nielsen dept., Ejnar Askgaard - .

At this site you have access to some of the articles in Anderseniana. Now volume 2001, 2002 and 2003 - in the future the later and earlier volumes will be accessible too.