Hans Christian Andersen's works are the source of all the interest shown in him.

Phantasy With Large Head. 1859His graphic art, e.g. his paper cuttings and drawings (please see the gallery) certainly deserve attention - but the source of his fame is his literary works.

Hans Christian Andersen certainly was and remains a poet of a scope second to none. His work is fascinating both for its variety and for the number of languages into which it has been translated. This popularity alone would not be interesting if it did not bear witness to his singular ability to evoke a response with people all over the world - irrespective of age, sex, and culture.

Now as then, his fairy tales carry his name all around the globe - but not only the fairy tales. The novel The Improvisatore gave him his decisive international breakthrough in 1835, and his travel books, poems, novels, and dramas are noteworthy both for scope and quality.

You will find an introduction to the oeuvre at um.dk um.dk (danish pages on the subject: adl.dk and andersen.sdu.dk).

You can get an exact overview of the number of works, Andersen has written in a range of genres, in the Hans Christian Andersen Center's index of works.