Welcome to the HCA2005 portal's community for HCA2005 PR Agents. As an HCA2005 PR Agent, you are one of HCA2005's international collaborative partners in the implementation of the communication strategy for the project. Therefore, you collaborate closely with Have PR, which has responsibility for all publicity in connection with HCA2005.

The Hans Christian Andersen 2005's PR platform is represented by selected trade departments at Danish embassies, consulates, the Danish Tourist Board's marketing offices, PR agencies, individual project coordinators and the Danish Cultural Institute. To be a member of the HCA2005 PR Agent community, you must have entered into an agreement with Hans Christian Andersen 2005 and Have PR to participate in Hans Christian Andersen 2005's international PR network.

In this community, you may upload and download documents relevant to the project, press photos, and choose to contact other members through the member list.

If you are in doubt about anything or have any comments, you are welcome to write to the .

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