The Centre for Children's Literature has entered into an agreement with the HCA 2005 Foundation about contributing to giving the primary and lower secondary schools the opportunity of working with Hans Christian Andersen in the most qualified manner in the period leading to and around the time of the celebration of the bicentennial of his birth in 2005.

The aim is to give children and youngsters in all grades of the school system a chance to meet Hans Christian Andersen's narrative art, both in well-known and less known works, learn about his life, as he himself and then others have told of it, learn about posterity's and other cultures' use of his life and works and about the age, literature and general culture in which his works came into being.

In this context, the Centre for Children's Literature has agreed to act as advisor to the HCA2005 Foundation, organizations and local authorities.

The centre is also responsible for a series of initiatives, among them developing and updating the educational part of the Internet site, publishing books for teachers, hosting seminars for, among others, representatives from country centres and pedagogical institutions, and establishing a travelling exhibition in which two of Hans Christian Andersen's most popular fairytales are illustrated by new young artists.

Finally, through research the centre will seek to throw light on Danish children and youngsters' knowledge of Hans Christian Andersen's life and works, the schools' use of his fairytales and of translations and adaptations in other languages.

The general purpose is to create "a facetted and not only traditional view of Hans Christian Andersen's life and works".

The HCA Group at the Centre for Children's Literature
The project at the Centre for Children's Literature is carried out by a special HCA Group consisting of Project Assistant and Pedagogical Consultant Tina Krogh, Assistant Lecturer and PhD student Anna Karlskov Skyggebjerg, Research Assistant Anette Øster Steffensen, and Professor Torben Weinreich.

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