New Fairytales for Children

In the spring of 2003, eight students from the School for Author's of Children's Literature went through a process-oriented writing course in preparation for writing new fairytales of things with inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen's texts in this genre.

The eight new fairytales are published along with eight of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales of things in the publication Pen og Blækhuus - nye og gamle tingseventyr med litteraturpædagogisk efterskrift (Pen and inkpot - new and old fairytales of things with a pedagogical postscript) from the Danish University of Education Press, Denmark, February 2004).

We have chosen to publish two of the new fairytales of things here, together with a short introduction to the fairytales of things as a genre and a possibility within the pedagogic of literature.

The fairytales can be used freely in non-commercial contexts. They can be handed out to teachers, parents and students, and they can be reproduced in publications printed by schools and local authorities, in reviews and periodicals etc. The only condition is that the name of the writer is published also, and that the text is accompanied by the following sentence:

The fairytales are made available by the Centre for Children's Literature, whose Hans Christian Andersen Project is supported by HCA2005, the Danish state and the Bikuben Foundation.

Read the fairytale: Chilli and the Butter (Pdf 88 KB)
Read the fairytale: Ten Letters (Pdf 69 KB)