"Hans Christian Andersen anew" is the title of an exhibition with illustrations for Hans Christian Andersen's The Elf Mound (1845) and The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep (1845).

The exhibition contains fourteen newly created illustrations by young Danish illustrators.

The idea behind the exhibition is to present a series of new interpretations of the two fairytales that together represent different universes of Hans Christian Andersen's works: nature versus culture, outside versus inside, live toys versus mythological figures.

The exhibition is first displayed at the Centre for Children's Literature in January 2004 and will then, until the end of 2005, be shown at selected public libraries in Denmark. These libraries cooperate with schools in their municipality about reading and interpreting Hans Christian Andersen and his fairytales.

The pictures can be viewed in the gallery, and you can download a catalogue of the exhibition and of the illustrators as PDF-files for free. All the pictures have been placed here at the HCA2005 site in a format so that they can be printed out on A3 photo paper, which means that people and schools all around the world can make their own exhibition.

You are free to use any of the pictures in non-commercial contexts. They can be handed out to teachers, parents and students, and they can be reproduced in publications issued by schools and municipal authorities, in professional periodicals etc. The only condition is that the readers are informed of the name of the illustrator and the photographer, and that the publication is accompanied by the following statement:

The pictures have been made available by the Danish Centre for Children's Literature, whose Hans Christian Andersen Project is supported by HCA2005, the Danish state and the Bikuben Foundation.