The Centre for Children's Literature was established in 1998 as an independent part of the Royal Danish School of Educational Studies, now The Danish University for Education.

The Centre has its own statutes and its own governing body of which Mette Winge is president. Since its inauguration, the centre has been headed by Professor Torben Weinrich.

When the centre was established, it was given the following assignments: research, communication, library activities and the establishing of a school for writers of children's literature.

The research has continuously been carried out by four or five scholars, primarily PhD students, and the subjects have been many.

For example: Danish picture books 1950-1999, the fantastic tale, translation of children's literature, studies of reading habits, the peculiarity of children's literature, the market for children's literature, the cultural dimension of the school library, and the children's literature of the 19th century.

The communication part includes daily contact with the many users who seek information at the library etc. It also includes the hosting of a number of seminars and courses, and the publication of a series that has eleven titles so far.

Among them are four issues of the yearbook Nedslag i børnelitteraturforskningen ("Results of research into children's literature") with articles by Danish and international scholars. In September 2004 the first Danish MA course in children's literature will commence at the Danish University of Education, supervised by teachers from the centre.

The National Library of Education has a collection of 80,000 volumes of children's literature and theoretical literature on children's books.

The collection, which dates back to 1954, is managed by the librarians of the Centre for Children's Literature. That is, they purchase books for the collection, including all new Danish imaginative literature for children, and assist the borrowers in how to use it.

The School for Authors
The School for Authors of Children's Literature offers a two-year fee-paying education. The aim is to help the students become better at writing for children and gain a conscious support in this area, including the place of children's literature in Danish society.

The course consists of lessons, writing exercises and actual writing periods supervised by an assigned reader. The first class was admitted in 1999, and twenty-one people have completed the two-year course so far.

HCA 2005
Through the years, the Centre for Children's Literature has taken care of a number of assignment concerning teaching, evaluation and consultative services for ministries and institutions, and thus also for HCA2005 on the occasion of the bicentenary of Hans Christian Andersen's birth.

The Centre's HCA Group has been asked to contribute to making the educational aids on the writer's life and works as good and many-facetted as possible. They will do so by, among other things, publishing books, hosting conferences and seminars, offering consultancy services and establishing a travelling exhibition, which will also be available on this site in an online edition.

The Centre for Children's Literature has its own homepage with information on employees and assignments, including a presentation of the research. The homepage also contains a great deal of fact material on children's literature, e.g. biographies and articles in full: