Download high dissolution pictures from the gallery and a PDF version of the exhibition.

The pictures and the PDF version can be used for free in all non-commercial contexts.

They can be distributed to teachers, parents and students, and they can be reproduced in any material published by schools and municipalities, as well as in professional periodicals etc.

The pictures can be printed in A3 size on photo paper, and you can thus make your own exhibition.

Only remember: The names of the illustrators and photographers MUST be published as well, and the following statement must accompany the publication:

The article/picture has been made available by the Danish Centre for Children's Literature, whose Hans Christian Andersen project is sponsored by HCA2005, the Danish state and The Bikuben Foundation.

Likewise, you can make your own exhibition catalogue by inserting the text from the PDF file below. The pictures have already been inserted. The text is divided into seven passages of equal length.
Read the fairytales here:

The Elf Mound (Pdf 62KB)

The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep (Pdf 50KB)

Download the illustrator catalogue here:

If you have any questions, please contact:


High resolution images