If you have got the idea that sightseeing is only something that happens on foot in cities - then you couldn't be more wrong! Sightseeing actually covers a wide range of activities.

This page gives you all you need to know about the Nature Guide scheme, the scenic Daisy route, the Vikings and the Danish Golden Age, as well as the popular discount passes for excursions on Zealand, Funen and in Jutland. But you can also search specifically for every conceivable type of trip, such as bird-watching trips, trips suitable for the disabled, and roundtrips and excursions by ferry, tram, train and much, much more.

Sightseeing at a Bargain!
Benefit from one or several of the sightseeing cards mentioned below which offer reduced or free entrance to the sights and attractions of the town or region - some of them even offer free bus and train rides and reduced prices at restaurants and hotels!

The Copenhagen Card gives free admission to more than 70 places of interest within the greater Copenhagen area as well as unlimited travel on the Danish State Railways (DSB) and HT buses within the greater Copenhagen Area, (including North Sealand, Roskilde and Køge) and regional trains to/from Copenhagen Airport and to Malm, Sweden. Also discount on ferries to Sweden run by Scandlines, on car hire, and on sightseeing tours.

Two children under 10 years of age have free admittance to museums, which normally offer free admittance to holders of the Copenhagen Card, prodvided the children are accompanied by an adult holding the Copenhagen Card.

The card is obtainable from major railway stations, travel agencies, major tourist information offices, the Service Information at Copenhagen Airport, the Hotel Booking Office in Copenhagen, as well as at most hotels, youth hostels and camping sites in Metropolitan Copenhagen.

Further information obtainable from

The Århus Pass
The Århus Pass is a tourist and traffic card, which offers free admittance to all the museums and sights in Aarhus, participation in scheduled sightseeing tours as well as free transportation by city bus in the 4 city zones. The card is for sale at hotels, camping sites, the youth hostel, marinas, major news stands, the office of Tourist Aarhus, and the service office of the local traffic company.

Roskilde Card
Roskilde Card offers free entrance once to 11 top sigths and attractions in and around Roskilde. The card is available from the tourist office in Roskilde. The following attractions can be visited with the card:

Roskilde Cathedral and Cathedral Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, the Palace Collections, Lejre Centre for Experimental Archaeology, Ledreborg Castle, Tadre Mill. Gl.Kongsgård in Lejre, Hedeland Steam railroad, Tram Museum at Skjoldenæsholm.

The Marguerite Route
The Marguerite Route is a tourist route for car-drivers, the aim of which is to take the tourists to the major attractions found in Denmark. The route is 3.540 km long and is marked by brown-white-yellow Marguerite signs. The route mainly follows minor roads and is thus unsuitable for tourist coaches and cars with caravans.

The Danish Ranger scheme is a networked scheme administrated by a joint secretariat under the auspices of the Forest and Nature Agency and the Outdoor Council. The Rangers work for the state forest districts, counties and municipalities, museums and organisations. There are currently 250 Rangers.

The Rangers organise a range of activities and outings in their local areas, and they also work to set up, coordinate and promote similar activities in the area, such as trips organised by The Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature, Danish Cyclists' Federation, DOF Danish Ornithological Society, the municipal parks administrations, etc.

Group tours for tourists
The counties and the state forest districts publish a large number of pamphlets with information about annual events.The tours are conducted throughout Denmark all year round. The tour themes are very varied - ranging from bird watching through city walks to visits to water purifying plants. Many tours and events are specifically aimed at children and families.

In most cases you can get an idea of the types of tours organised in a particular area by contacting the local libraries or the Forest and Nature Agency's Landscape Division in the county in question. Tours can often be organised - in English or German - for special groups of tourists.

See the site for tour suggestions and calendar of activities, etc.