HERE & NOW A Tivoli Fairytale

Tivoli's celebration of Hans Christian Andersen's bicentenary. Gary Paben and Bettina Buckley have created this spectacular show. Nightly from 14 May.

By awk - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 09 May 2005

"Et Tivoli Eventyr" (A Tivoli Fairytale) is an extravaganza of light, music and special effects. At nightfall, 5-meter tall luminous puppets will dance in mid-air over the fountain at Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall as they travel towards the open-air stage. The spectacular puppets, each representing an Andersen fairytale, allow audiences to experience short excerpts of Andersen's stories as they hover past while a narrator conveys the story. The event is the brainchild of Gary Paben and Betina Buckley, both from the US, who are among the most prominent event producers in the world. "A Tivoli Fairytale" will premiere 14 May and will be performed every evening during this years season except on Fridays and during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Facts about "Et Tivoli Eventyr"
Director: Gary Paben
Producer: Bettina Buckley
Music: Mike Avila and Jonathan Barr
Recording: London Symphony Orchestra
Puppet designer: Lynn Holloway
Narration and singing: Louise Fribo & Kurt Ravn
Show coordinator: Susanne Breuning

Gary Paben
President of Gary Paben Productions, Inc.
Gary Pabenis a recipient of the 30th Anniversary Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Director in a special class. "Being recognized for directing the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics in Salt Lake City is especially rewarding", Paben says," because the Paralympians are so inspiring to me. Their journeys are mountaintop experiences."
Paben is best known for creating spectaculars. During his career, he has been a college professor, the Executive Vice-President of Entertainment at MadisonSquareGarden, and for over twenty years, Senior Show Director at Walt Disney World.
As Senior Show Director for The Walt Disney Company at Walt Disney World, Garytraveled the globe responsible for creating, writing and directing over 200 projects from a cast of 6 to 20,000. Highlights include the opening of three theme parks, the opening of the Pan American Games, T.I.A. Pow Wow convention productions, three Super Bowl Half-Time Shows and many of Disney's celebrated Millennium activities including Tapestry of Nations. Press announcements, ice shows, the Macy's Parade, Bicentennial celebrations, concert tours, TV specials and various sporting events are included in his portfolio.
Currently, President of Gary Paben Productions, Inc., he creates productions with splendor and heart as signature elements which continue to touch audiences worldwide. His current creations include grand opening moments for real estate development company Forest City Enterprises, Tivoli in Denmark and The Cleveland Science Center.

Bettina Buckley
Producer for WOW!Works®
Prior to joining WOW!Works, Bettina served as the director of planning and development for Walt Disney entertainment. She built, staffed, and directed the entertainment division's first-ever planning and development department for Walt Disney Entertainment responsible for providing counsel and implementing a variety of entertainment experiences for numerous Disney development projects.
As a producer, Bettina has lead numerous special events, theme park, and theatrical production feats including the production of four Super Bowl Halftime Shows for Walt Disney Entertainment, the Walt Disney WorldÒResort25th Anniversary show production including the opening of three different theme parks for The Walt Disney Company including DisneylandÒParis,the original IllumiNations at EpcotÒ, the launch of Walt Disney Theatrical Productions, and mounting Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Current projects include work for Wynn Design & Development, Forest City Enterprises, Clear Channel Entertainment and The Wright Entertainment Group.