HCA NEWS New verses by HCA

Five hitherto unknown verses by Hans Christian Andersen discovered in a theatrical manuscript from 1839.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 19 August 2003

Five hand-written verses from Hans Christian Andersen's hand, previously completely unknown, will be put up for auction with Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen on September 1. 

The verses are part of a theatrical manuscript for a performance of  "Den usynlige på Sprogø" ["The Invisible Person of Sprogø"], also written by Hans Christian Andersen, but because the manuscript is in rough draft, they have not been discovered before now.

The verses are part of the manuscript but have been crossed out - probably because the verses were a bit too risqué for the times, as they have the character of a drinking song. 

The manuscript has been in a bank box belonging to a Copenhagen family since 1955, when they were first rediscovered by Eggert Helwigh, a Copenhagen procurist. He found the 29-page manuscript, when he was going through the family's old letters and papers. In order to preserve the manuscript, they placed it in a bank box. However, the family now wants to sell it in honor of HCA2005.

The value of the manuscript is estimated at DKK 150,000.