HCA NEWS Poems that weren't included

A collection of Hans Christian Andersen poems that were not included in his edition of "Collected Writings" are now on the book market with accompanying notes by Andersen himself.

By Mikkel Stjernberg - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 08 May 2003

Author Jørgen Skjerk has gathered together a number of poems by Hans Christian Andersen that were not previously published in his "Samlede Skrifter" ("Collected Writings").

In addition to the poems, the collection also contains Hans Christian Andersen's private notes about writing poetry. It is, among other things, because of this that Jørgen Skjerk decided to collect, print and publish the poetry collection himself.

"I know of five or six earlier collections of Hans Christian Andersen poems, published since 1930, but none that give this sense of Andersen's pleasure, grief, frustration, rage, and pride in working with poetry," says Jørgen Skjerk.

He adds that some of the poems are not in themselves terribly exciting, but they become so, the moment you compare them to the notes. Simply because the notes provide a picture of "the artist at work." Or precisely the angle into Hans Christian Andersen from which film director Bille August is attacking his major film project on the fairy tale writer.

"I like to imagine that the commentaries I've dug up will be able to show to some degree Andersen's feelings about working with poetry," says Jørgen Skjerk, who has harboured a great interest in Hans Christian Andersen all of his life.

Hans Christian Andersen, "Poems Not Included in the Fairy Tale Writer's 'Collected Writings'." Selected with commentary by Jørgen Skjerk. 613 pages. 400 copies, privately published. Price DKK 550. Please make out checks to the publisher Jørgen Skjerk, Tagensvej 235, 2.mf., 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark.