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Cultural HCA issues throughout 2005 published in the Czech Republic.

By awk - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 04 May 2005

H.C. Andersen exhibition:

In connection with the celebration of the 2005 bicentenary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen, The Institute for Information on Education and the Comenius National Library of Education have organised an exhibition called 'From Thumbelina to...'.

April 4 - June 30 2005, Prague
Opening times: Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00
Comenius National Library of Education, Mikulandská 5, Prague 1

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H.C Andersen travelling exhibition:

In 2005, most of the world will celebrate Hans Christian Andersen's Bi-centennar. Because of this, Odense City Museum with the support of the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation have produced a travelling exhibition in Czech to spread the knowledge of the Danish writer in fairytales and his background in the Czech Republic.
The exhibition tells the story of Andersen's life with material from the poet's world and time - including letters, portraits and personal belongings.

Prelimenary Exhibition Dates:

6 April - 28 April 2005, Prague
National Library of the Czech Republic, Klementinum

10 May - 3 June 2005, Brno
KJM Library, Koblizna 4

8 June - 30 June, Olomouc
Palacký University, Information Centre
Gallery Zbrojnice, Biskupské nám. 1

8 September - 30 September 2005, Plzen
Gallery Paletka, Husova 2

2 November - 26 November 2005, Ostrava
Ostrava City Library, 28. rijna 2


Archa Theater:

The Archa Theatre will throughout 2005 host a 'Andersen in the Archa Theatre' project. A number of H.C Andersen related plays will be performed.

More information at the Archa Theatre Homepage

EuroArt Praha - International Festival of Chamber Music

Kroger Quartet (DK) and Stamic Quartet (CZ)

Jičín: April 18, 2005 at 19:00 hours at the Porotní Hall, Castle Jičín

Prague: April 19, 2005 at 19:30 hours at the Martinů Hall of the Lichtenstein Palace, Malostranské nám. 13


- Opening reading of the H.C. Andersen fairy tale 'The Races' by the Ambassador of Denmark

- Carl Nielsen: String quartet in f minor, Op. 5
- Per Nørgaard: Harvest-Timeless/String quartet No. 10 (World Premiere)
- Niels Wilhelm Gade: String Octet in F major

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H.C Andersen evening
- organised by the Nordic Society in Prague

Thursday, April 21 2005, 17:00 hours at Klub Lávka, Novotného lávka 1, Prague 1

Programme: Opening words by the Ambassador of Denmark and showing of the film 'Hans the Clopper' by Mihail Badica.

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