HCA NEWS "ANDERSEN - A Biography" in German

Jens Andersen's gargantuan biography from 2003 has been published to critical acclaim by German publisher Surhkamp/Insel.

By Anders Wilhelm Knudsen - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 18 April 2005

The German version of Jens Andersen's major biography, in translation entitled "Hans Christian Andersen - Eine Biographie", was published in 10,000 copies in January 2005. The biography was well received by the German press:

Elmar Krekehler / DIE WELT, 2.4.05
"In all probability the most noteworthy biography this year ... He almost rivals his namesake; he reveals everything without betraying him. He travels with him throughout life. He brings him to life in the bicentenary of his birth. You learn, you are amazed and cannot stop (reading, ed.)."

Michael Maar / DIE ZEIT, 31.03.05
"A thorough, learned, well-composed and astounding book of great integrity, carried by sympathy."

Nikolaus von Festenberg / DER SPIEGEL 11.3.05
"A brilliant biography that revives the strange and widely travelled poet."

"And those who after reading the fairytales and books (novels, etc. ed.) still have an appetite for Andersen should definitely read Jens Andersen's biography. An extensive, partially illustrated, and truly accomplished biography on the great poet."

"Jens Andersen keeps a necessary distance throughout and is therefore able to lay open the irritating and obscure sides of the great storyteller ... None of the other numerous Andersen biographies have come as close to the core of Andersen the man."

Hans Christian Andersen
Eine Biographie

By Jens Andersen
Translated to German by Ulrich Sonnenberg
2005. 808 pages, 28,- euro
ISBN 3-458-17251-3

The book will also be available in the following countries:

Norway - Forlaget Press (published in 2004)
USA - The Overlook Press (currently being published)
UK - Duckworth (currently being published)
Italy - Donzelli Editore
Taiwan - Linking Publishing Company
China - Jiuzhou Pres