HCA NEWS Fashion, Stomp, and Hans Christian Andersen

Fashion, Stomp and Hans Christian Andersen meet at Trend2005 in Istanbul, Turkey.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 15 December 2004

The Danish contribution to the Youth 2005 Trend Festival in Turkey is a musical rendition of Hans Christian Andersen?s fairytale Clumsy Hans performed by the Danish Stomp ensemble DaDunk.


5 shows will be performed in the course of 4 days to an audience of 75,000 young Turks, who are set to experience equilibristic dance, rhythm, musical energy, dance and visual humour.


Never before has Andersen?s fairytale featured a rapper princess, drums shaped like books, keyboards the shape of a frying pan, and Clumsy Hans himself as grill master.


Never before has Andersen been served to so many young people alongside burgers, coca cola and cell-phones.


Never before have the Turks heard Cuban La Conga played on plastic barrels.


Never before has a Danish wind turbine been erected in the heart of Istanbul.

Furthermore, DaDunk will host a workshop for Turkish students of music and will be interviewed by Turkish youth magazines and other media.

DaDunk consists of 10 musicians and performers and is the first ensemble of its kind in Denmark to use Stomp ? world music played on buckets, pots and pans, book, matchboxes and with broom handles ? in their performance of Hans Christian Andersen?s fairytales.


The 10 performers are graduates from the Department for Rhythmic Music and Movement at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.


The premiere of Clumsy Hans was held at the closing event for the European Youth Music Festival held at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in May 2004. Two nationwide Danish tours and a grand performance at the Aarhus Festival are scheduled for 2005.
For further information visit www.dadunk.dk