HCA NEWS Hans Christian Andersen paper cuts adorn cow

Summer 2004 will see the streets of historic Prague filled with hundreds of colourful grazing cows as part of the CowParade project, which has been held in various cities around the world since its founding in 1998. It is the first time the CowParade has taken place in Prague, and the event will feature Czech artist Sàrka Zikovà's homage to Hans Christian Andersen in the form of a Czech cow decorated with Hans Christian Andersen's paper cuts.

By Oliver Newton - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 10 August 2004

From June to September, life-sized sculptures of cows, created and painted by Czech artists, will brighten the streets and public spaces of the city. Artist Sàrka Zikovà has chosen Hans Christian Andersen as the theme for his contribution to CowParade Prague 2004.

The full-sized cow is colourfully decorated with many of Hans Christian Andersen's famous paper cuts. At the conclusion of the project the Zikovà cow, along with other selected sculptures from CowParade Prague 2004, will be sold at auction to raise money for Czech children's charities.

The CowParade project originated in Zurich, Switzerland in 1998, where local businesses created the event to increase tourism and commerce. It proved to be extremely successful. Since then, the event has been held 18 cities throughout the world. This year the other official 'cow cities' will be Harrisburg in Pennsylvania, Manchester in England, and Stockholm in Sweden.