HCA NEWS The little book about Andersen

New book about Hans Christian Andersen, The little book about Hans Christian Andersen, published by new publishing house Puellas Edition with focus on Andersen as a world citizen.

By ms - H.C. Andersen 2005 - 29 June 2004

Hans Christian Andersen, probably the greatest Dane of all time, was not just a brilliant writer of fairy tales. He was a world citizen. Despite agonising interminably that something ill would inevitably befall him he in fact spent his life facing fresh challenges, especially on his many travels of exploration.

When the steam engine made its debut in Europe Hans Christian Andersen was among the first passengers on this latest means of transportation. Long before Jules Verne penned his Around the World in Eighty Days, the fairy tale poet foresaw that one day Americans would take to the skies to visit old Europe. "To travel is to live" were far from empty words for Andersen.

All told Hans Christian Andersen spent nine years outside his native Denmark. He toured most countries in western Europe, straying off course to visit Prague and Budapest, and venturing as far afield as Turkey and Morocco.

The little book about Hans Christian Andersen draws a vivid portrait this world citizen. Through quotations from his travel diaries, illustrated by photographs of that reality he would have met today, the book places the writer in a contemporary setting and a light different to what is customary.

To date, the book is available in English and Danish.

The little book about Hans Christian Andersen is published by a new Danish publishing house, Puella's Edition.

The book is part of "The little book about - concept", the goal of which is easy access to general knowledge.

The book's 144 pages is attractively designed (13.5 x 14 cm), with a half-mat jacket. It weighs 300 grams, which should make it handy to bring along on your travels, present as a gift or keep as a souvenir, or as inspirational reading material.